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A year 9 class from North Cambridge Academy have been working with Kettle's Yard art gallery ( University of Cambridge) to explore the UNTITLED exhibition and produced a film together in response with artist/filmmaker Luana Di Pasquale. Students learned about the filmmaking process through Luana's ACCS workshop!!! In the video the students express their views on current issues, questioning the Kettle's Yard artists and sharing their inspirations to solve what previous generations have failed to address. The video project was filmed by Luana entirely on HUAWEI PRO 30 and edited through mobile app PowerDirector. This video exhibited as part of the UNTITLED exhibition 21

                     ROSETTA ARTS BE CREATIVE EVENT 2018-2020


Be Creative! 2018-20 event saw 10-18-year-olds explore art, photography, film-making, music, design, dance, creative careers and drama. Be Creative! was delivered in partnership with Newham Youth Empowerment with funding from HeadStart Newham through The National Lottery Community Fund, and with funding from the Mayor of London. Brought to you by Rosetta Arts. Film credits: Directed/Produced by Luana Di Pasquale, Camera operator Leon Millwood, Sound designer Matthias Kispert and Music by Makaih Beats.

A PASSER BY (2015)

 An adapted version of‘A Passer-By’ a Charles Baudelaire's poem from 'The Flowers of Evil' collection - a French Classic which was first published in 1857. This poem describes the moment when the Poet meets the eyes of a mourning woman in Paris's Flea Market. Inspired by Bunuel's film 'Belle de Jour' and the avant-garde composer Edgard Varèse - this short depicts the moment - a married sex-worker, played by actress Lidja Zovkic, meets the eyes of the poet in London's street of Soho.

Luana worked on this as a Self-shooting PD and editor . V

FX by Massi Guelfi. Original music by Matthias Kispert.


This short video clip is an extract  from Memorandum la Terra Trema, a documentary Luana made about Luchino Visconti’s masterpiece The Earth Trembles which captures the memories of its protagonists. Memorandum La Terra Trema was produced and presented at the International Film Festival Cinemadamare 2010. It was also broadcast on RAI TV as part of the festival collection. 


Nonna Nicolina is an intimate portrayal of a wonderfully feisty elderly Roman woman. It was selected and displayed at the ‘Learning to love you more" exhibition curated by award-winning film director Miranda July, artists Harrel Fletcher and Nicky Peacock in Middlesborough, UK.

It was screened at the Portobello Film Festival 09 and selected at the 4docs (Channel4 website) where  its Editor commented:"It works as a snatched conversation; it could not be more simpler or compelling’"

Luana worked on this as a self-shooting PD and editor.





A hard-hitting short story that delivers a personal and fearless exposition of cocaine addiction and  its effects on the mind, body and soul. It was commissioned by CURRENT TV and was broadcast from 2008 to 2012 on CURRENT TV in the UK, the USA and Italy with an overall of 43,000 online views. It was also showcased at the 2009 Portobello Film Festival. Luana worked on this as a writer, self-shooting PD and editor.

She also performed in this thrilling doc.


This documentary is a short portrayal of Anna Span, the first female porn director in the UK. As the question of women's exploitation is raised, Anna makes a clear point regarding her feminist approach to pornography. It was commissioned and broadcast on Current TV from 2008 to 2012 in the US, UK and Italy. 

Luana worked on this as a self-shooting PD and editor.


Feminists are funny, is a humorous look at the Guerrilla Girls on Tour as they’re unleashed on unsuspecting members of society. The question remains: are feminists funny? It was selected  at the International Chashama Film Festival 08 competition in New York and the Portobello Film Festival in 2009

Luana worked on this as a Self-shooting PD and editor (3 min. short comedy,)

C4 Editor commented in regards to this short film


Can you feel the heat is a short-film about Julia Child, cooking French baguette. It was commissioned by the Guerrilla Girls On Tour and it is displayed during their Theatrical performance around the world.  

Luana worked on this as a self-shooting PD and editor.

VIANNE  (2006)

A short doc. about Vianne, a London based dominatrix.It was showcased at the Portobello Film Festival 06, and at the Animate Space in Piccadilly Circus as part of a collective  art exhibition. It was also showcased at The Bohemian Night, ArtsZone in Edmonton, where Luana held a Q & A. Luana worked on this as a self-shooting PD and editor.


Luana Di Pasquale was the editor behind the award-winning Film Artist Ken McMullen's video installation

Harrow of Time exhibited in Lisbon, Paris and London.




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