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The Cast

A real-life Mother and Son

Nadira and Cameron Murray

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Nadira Murray is a Eurasian/British Actor. Coming from a family of actors, she has been acting in professional productions since childhood in her native country: Uzbekistan. In the UK, Nadira trained at Drama Studio London and RADA.In 2008, her One Woman Show was a four week sell-out at the Arcola Theatre, it was also very well received by the critics and so her portray of Medea. After performing in the Vagina Monologues, the following year she played in the BBC Radio 4 production of David Hare's Murder in Samarkand.  In 2012 Nadira started screen acting; featuring alongside Asia Argento in Baku I Love You.  In 2013 she played Diana in Dead And Awake...




REVIEWS of Nadira Murray's Medea

Medea - "Nadira brings an august and eery sexiness to the title role."

- The Spectator


"This show is Nadira's triumph. Constantly on stage, and with vast swathes of classical text to pick her way though, she navigates the highs and lows, the drama and the lightness, the moral complexity, with charisma and aplomb.'-  WhatsOnStage Review 


" Nadira’s performance is one of the stronger ones (along with Sarah Berger as the Nurse). She screams, shouts, cries and rages; all underneath a hot red sun, the centrepiece of the simple geometric set by Mia Flodquist. "

- Exeunt magazine review  


'Uninhibited howls of “dark, wild grief” and rage greet us from behind the marbled slabs of the set even before we sit down: when she appears, exotically scarfed, she rages about being foreign, deceived, betrayed and as fierce as any man. For all the high language and the sinuous, scarf-twisting writhing, Nadira is most real in the more colloquial lines, as she contemplates her dark intent and flirts deceitfully with Jason...”

-The Times


" Nadira in her portrayal of Medea manages to brilliantly capture the agony of being ostracised and abandoned for another woman, and her subsequent thirst for revenge that follows, in a performance that is truly absorbing."

- Fringe Review


 " and determined, she gives short shrift to the marriage she helped wreck. But there's something about her apparent honesty and her indiscreet humour that's warmly beguiling. "

The Telegraph


"Nadira Murray is quite simply gripping. The audience hung on her every word, and whilst her performance and conviction as an actress ..."

-Broadway Baby

Nadira's Interview on Domestic Violence





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